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Terms of Service

Your personal information is important me

If you decide you would like to work with me, we will draw up a working contract which will outline how we would like to work together. It will include details of our session times, and confidentiality agreement, which is outlined below, together with information about The General Data Protection Regulation 2018. (GDPR) To comply with the GDPR, it is my obligation to inform you what personal information I collect from you. How I use, store and delete it. Your rights as a client and any caveats to our confidentiality agreement are also outlined here. Please be assured that I only collect information that is necessary for our work together.

Personal information
Date of birth
Contact details
Emergency contact information
GP contact details (for use only with your permission)
Details of any medical conditions and medication which may affect our work together.
(for those under 18 parent contact information is also required).

Storage and destruction of personal information
Change to All information about our work together will be recorded on paper files. The files are locked in a secure cabinet and are non-identifiable, to anyone other than me. They are stored separately from your personal information detailed above. All information is accessible by only me. I work from a paper diary, which holds your initials and our appointment time only.

Email and text correspondence are password protected and accessed only by me.

The exceptions being in the event of my death or incapacity to carry out our work together, an appointed colleague; who is a qualified counsellor and fellow member of the BACP, will contact you to inform you and to ensure you are given alternative care arrangements.

My case notes; brief summaries of our sessions, may be subpoenaed by a court in exceptional circumstances.
You may request to see all the information I hold on you at any point during our work together.

Deletion of your information
In line with the recommendations of the BACP, your case notes are kept for 7 years then shredded by me.
Your personal information is kept for one month after our work together ends. It is then shredded by me.
Text and email correspondence are kept for one month after our work has ended when they are deleted.

Our work together is built on trust. What we discuss in our sessions is confidential, with the following exceptions.
Exceptions to confidentiality


If I feel you or someone else may be at risk of serious harm, I will speak to my supervisor to discuss a way forward.


I will endeavour to discuss this with you first, however in some situations this may not always be possible.

If I am made aware of criminal activities for example terrorism or money laundering, I have an obligation by law to disclose to the police. Our work together is shared with my supervisor who is bound by confidentiality.


The themes of our work may be discussed in order for me to ensure the best level of service to you. Your identity is protected at all times.

For more information please contact

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