Coronavirus Working Contract

This document forms a framework for the resumption of face to face counselling. The safety of all clients, myself and our families are at the heart of this agreement. It is in addition to my normal working agreement.

What I have put in place for the safety of all:

The introduction of a 2 metres space between client and me.

Individual packets of tissues for client’s personal use.

Ventilation by means of an open small window, during sessions and the airing of the counselling room between sessions, by means of opening of doors and windows.

The purchase and use of a Dyson cool air tower fan with HEPRA filtration.

The implementation of a no touch system; hugging, hand shaking, and door handles.

How it will work:
Before arriving, I will have used antibacterial spray to clean all surfaces, door handles and mat on top of side table.

I will wash my hands before and after your arrival and departure.
I will have all doors open upon your arrival; This is so you won’t have to touch the door furniture at all. I will step aside to allow you the space to enter safely and take your seat. I will then close all doors to enable us to have the confidential space for us to work. This means I am last into the room and first out.
I will offer you some antibacterial hand gel and will apply some to my hands.

My request of you

Please bring with your own refreshment (bottled water).
Please take away with you any tissues used and the packet they came from.
Please accept the hand gel when offered.

If you, or any family member residing with you, or any one you may have associated with are ill with suspected Covid 19, then please do not attend counselling in person. Stay at home until the relevant checks have been processed and results received.

Contact 111 for more information.
If you are contacted by the track and trace system for C19, please let me know and follow their guidelines.
If you feel unwell for any reason please stay at home. There will not be a cancellation fee applied for last minute cancellations; (we can work by phone or FaceTime if you wish to).

Please stay with the agreed session times where possible. This will stay the same throughout our work together.

What you can expect from me.

I will keep my room and communal areas scrupulously clean.
I will wash and sanitise my hands before and after each client.
I will notify you if I or anyone in my family home, becomes unwell with Covid 19 symptoms. I will notify you if any person I have associated with becomes unwell.
I will at all times follow the government guidelines on social distancing and hygiene practice.
I will notify you if I have been contacted by track and trace and will follow their advice.

I will not hold sessions if I am feeling unwell.
I will offer telephone/Facetime sessions as an alternative to face to face for those who would prefer it.
I will wear a face mask/shield upon request and you may choose to do the same if you so wish.
I will be open to and consider all requests on the grounds of safety at all times.
This agreement may be reviewed and altered as the government’s policy and guidelines change.

I will notify you of any changes as and when they occur.

Your willingness to work responsibly and collaboratively with the agreement outlined, will be indicated by the booking of a face to face appointment.